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Author: Bud

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What game should be added to the wheel after Mega Man X2? Loading…

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BCTV Podcast #18 – mtgsolid83

Meet mtgsolid83 – Streamer and Moderator for BCTV We sit down with BCTV Crew member and solid meme generator, Mtgsolid83!

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BCTV Podcast #17 – Naaackers

The crew sits down for a chat with Naaackers! Naaackers is a tech enthusiast who loves video games, cooking, DIY projects, keyboards, podcasting, beer, screaming, and things that glow.

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BCTV Podcast #16 – GutenPrank3n

GutenPrank2n sits down for a chat with the crew.

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BCTV Podcast #15 with ThroggTV

In this episode of the Podcast, Bud, Chard and Paul sit down with ThroggTV to talk about his journey as streamer and Retro Achievements machine!

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