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BCTV Podcast Get to Know the BCTV Crew w/ Ghal416

Ghal416 is well known in the Twitch retro community as an outstanding member, moderator, knower of games and most of all a friend. He’s a huge fan of games from the Lunar series, Castlevania, Final Fantasy and many others. He got his start in gaming by watching his uncle plays SNES games like Final Fantasy 6 and Super Metroid when he was a kid. Then one day his uncle handed the controller to him and the rest is history!

Today, you’ll find Ghal416 hanging out in a lot of Twitch Retro streamers chats moderating and assisting with game hints when needed. He’s always a welcome sight in any chat, he’s informative and fun to be around! Please sit back and enjoy our chat with Ghal416!